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Ship Repair


We specialize in ship repair agency in China.


service covers dry docking repair in shipyard, float repair in port and anchorage, spare part supply.

We established long term good cooperation relationship with many first-class Chinese repair yards such as:

South China :  You Lian Dockyards Shekou,

                      Chengxi shipyard (Guangzhou),

                      China Shipping Industry Boluomiao shipyard,

Middle China : China Shipping Industry (Shanghai Changxing) Co., Ltd,

                     Chengxi shipyard (Jiangyin),

                     Huarun Dadong Dockyard,

                     Changhong International shipyard,

                     Longshan shipyard,

                     Zhejiang Eastern Shipyard Co.,Ltd (ZESCO)

North China :  DSIC Marine Services Co., Ltd,

                      Shanhaiguan shipyard,

                      Xixiakou shipyard.


COSCO Shipyard Group. 

We commit to provide one-stop services for our clients with quick responses and best prices.